$ 46 million cheats company closed by Chinese police

Police in the Chinese city of Kunshan along with Tencent closed a $ 46 million cheating company. Called Chicken Drumstick, the operation charged $ 10 a day or $ 200 a month for using the programs: a turnover of $ 10,000 a day.

The company sold subscriptions for access to various cheats in competitive games like Overwatch and Call of Duty. The police operation in partnership with Tencent ended the arrest of ten people involved in the distribution of cheating. The police seized cercad and $ 46 million in company assets and several luxury cars.

“The reason for being the biggest apprehension in the world comes down to three factors: they involve large sums of money, there are many games involved and the final factor is due to the huge volume of users,” the Kunshan police said at a news conference.

Luxury cars that were seized in the operation. Photo: Playback / Weibo

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