Air conditioning Xiaomi promises to purify the environment and save energy | Electronics

The product stands out for its versatility and usage options. Being used as a traditional air conditioner, the promise is energy saving. In fan mode, the model activates its twin turbines to lower the ambient temperature.

Finally, as an air purifier, an ultraviolet ray technology is used that promises to remove up to 99.9% of impurities. It is worth mentioning that, when it comes to eliminating the new coronavirus, the device must be viewed with care. After all, the quality of UV-C depends on the environment and other variables that can hinder the process.

The device comes with a small circular screen at the bottom which, in addition to showing the temperature in the installed location, should also be able to inform about the concentration of carbon dioxide in the environment. According to the manufacturer, these data are updated in real time.

It is worth remembering that in 2020 the manufacturer announced an air conditioning model with support for personal assistants. The Smartmi Air Conditioner A also featured the promise of 20% energy savings compared to other models.


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