April Fool’s Day | Remember the best technological pranks of April 1st

The time has come when crazy ads and bizarre ideas from giant companies or the ones we never hear about in life can actually be just a joke. April 1, known in several countries as April Fool’s Day, was taken from children’s games to the world of technology, which takes the opportunity to play with the expectations of the whole world.

The origin of April Fool’s Day is still unclear throughout history. One of the best known stories about the establishment of the date tells of a joke that emerged in France in the 16th century, as part of the New Year’s party – at the time, celebrated over four days, from March 25 to the famous date, 1 ° Of april.

Participating in the game, several companies from all segments adopted the practice of “launching” products, making surprising advertisements, changing their names or even decreeing the end of platforms just to play with the public’s expectations. Until the clock strikes midnight on April 2, everything can be just an invention.

That said, the Canaltech selected a handful of the most striking April Fools in the world of technology.


The well-known vehicle manufacturer anticipated the joke in 2021 and has already given its hand. The giant decided to “innovate” and changed the name, of its subsidiary in the United States: from Volkswagen to Voltswagen, in a pun with the measurement of electric power volts.

In the announcement, the company said that the new name would be adopted to represent its commitment to building electric vehicles for all, in a “democratic electrification” for the future – a principle carried by it in some of its launches (these, really) , such as the SUV ID.4.

(Image: Reproduction / Volkswagen)

(Image: Reproduction / Volkswagen)

At first, the specialized media took the novelty skeptically. The news seemed to be haunted for fragmenting Volkswagen with two different names, messing with the signature of a well-known brand and still playing with words in a not very creative way. In addition, the brand used its official means to embody the game, with the official confirmation of the change, and showed no signs that it was a lie. Anyway, he forced the bar a little.

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When the dust settled, the US arm of the manufacturer clarified that it lied “in an official way” in the press release about the name change. According to Reuters, the initiative was thought of as a marketing strategy for an April Fool’s joke – even if it arrived and ended too soon.

Mini Yachsman: the Mini Cooper “amphibian”

Still in the automotive sector, in 2012 Mini Cooper also decided to join in the fun. Some may remember the curious amphibious model that the brand made in publicity for the press – and that even won a real version in exhibitions.

The bizarre idea resulted in a car with the body of a Mini Cooper, but combined with the bow of a boat. Beautifully, it can be said that there was not much, but it aroused a great curiosity, followed by the question: how does this work?

Autoblog / Playback

Autoblog / Playback

Autoblog / Playback

The answer, in this case, was simple: it doesn’t work. The statement released to the press – this one on April 1 – was denied by the company moments later. Even so, the commitment to the development of the lie surprised, thanks to the robust article that explained in detail the development of the model.

Search for smells on Google

One of the companies most committed to its April 1st ideas is Google, there are several ideas created by it for the date. In 2013, the Research Giant decided to implement a great feature in its search tool, Google Nose.

Basically, the novelty would allow the user to search for smells – and the company justified the technology with the practice of dog sniffing. It sounds really crazy, right? But it was taken very seriously in the promotional video, which just doesn’t fool any more for the excess of bizarre.

According to the demonstrations, the user could place his device close to the object he would like to search for the smell and automatically the search would come to the screen, as a simple voice command. In addition, the person could also smell odors directly from the search engine with the “Smell” function, which used a false photon system with sound to simulate an aroma.

Fim do YouTube

YouTube also came to an end in 2013. At the time, the platform had only been on the air for eight years and, despite the massive numbers, would end its activities that night. However, before the latter left and locked the doors, the company decided to promote a “best video” contest among 150,000 pre-selected candidates.

In addition to the competition having no purpose, the contest would last about ten years, ending only in 2023, and the big winner would receive an MP3 Player and US $ 500 (at the time, equivalent to R $ 1,000). On the same date, the platform would return to the air in a memorable relaunch.

In this case, the video is not so taken seriously. There are several indications that the closing and the contest is a joke in the video itself, so the idea was not to convince the audience that the platform would die that day.

Razer flying mouse

For Razer, on April 1, 2015, one of the main impediments to having perfect fluidity with the mouse was friction with the mousepad – and nothing could solve this issue, except a … Flying mouse.

The perfect product, therefore, would be Project McFly, a peripheral that would use the Earth’s electromagnetic field and would soon take off. The curious idea allowed the mouse to float constantly, even if it ceased to be on a surface.

In the promotional video, it is possible to note that the presenters themselves could barely contain their laughter. In addition, the game was not intended to deceive, but only to play with the date with the production and get a crazy idea out of the box. A flying mouse? How practical would that be for everyday life? It wouldn’t be cool to have to pick one of these up because it levitated up to the ceiling, or lose it because the lack of friction caused it to fly endlessly out the window.

Netflix for adults

In 2017, the big streaming platform had apparently “fulfilled the requests” of its user base and promised to launch erotic content in its catalog. From the beginning, the ad was nothing more than a joke, but the company did not waste the opportunity. to subvert what we understand as “Adult Content”.

In the videos, Netflix satirizes with the weak script of pornographic films, in which an electrician visits a woman who had requested his services acting in a less convincing way during the moment of the meeting. However, as soon as he entered the house, the electrician did nothing but replace the shower resistance – and that was the type of adult content advertised by Netflix.

The video shows a very general tutorial on how to change a burnt resistance without damaging it or having an accident, all to the sound of a calm background music, exchanging looks and a slow and suggestive narration.

To date, the series has only two videos and, in the second, the challenge is even more delicate: the annual income tax return. And it goes to show that sometimes the greatest pleasure of adulthood is having someone to solve your problems.

Google app that cleans the screen

There is a lot of use in Files, Google’s smart file manager, but did you know that a April Fool’s Day announced an automatic screen cleaning feature? Like other projects, it was presented very seriously as a tool integrated with the manager – and, on the other hand, it would even be cool if it were true.

Files would add the function that cleans the screen from the outside through vibration motors at specific frequencies to get rid of impurities. In practice, this even works to try to unburden water-resistant cell phone speakers, but on a full screen it is far from feasible.

Google doesn’t even try very hard to demonstrate the cleanliness, the sauce broth displayed simply disappears as the ghost passes through the dirt. After the “cleaning” is finished, the cell phone would still have a slight pineapple fragrance.

Google-speaking flowers

Since the world is a world, plants do not speak. Although they may show signs of their needs or even pass some expressions – subtle, but perceptible in the eyes of their caregiver -, they are unable to verbalize their wishes. It was like that, until Google Tulip debuted.

The experimental project was a game that involved artificial intelligence and communication with tulips. The plant communicated through the voice of the Google Assistant and expressed its wishes and opinions, in addition to clearly understanding the speech of humans.

“And why tulips?”, You must ask yourself. Basically, because they were the only ones who received “speaking ability” well. This would be just the beginning of the project and updates “would be on the way”, such as compatibility with cacti – although they were not as receptive in the first dialogues.

Logically, plants remain completely mute – but that doesn’t stop you from talking to them, if applicable.

Honorable mentions

The lies are not so elaborate.

DT3sports gamer chair to remind you of the routine in public transport

Capturing the essence of riding a bus.

Sausage in Mortal Kombat

Responding to requests from the community.

(Image: Mortal Kombat / Reproduction)

(Image: Mortal Kombat / Reproduction)

(Image: Mortal Kombat / Reproduction)

Physical Google Gboard

Why not?

Vivo V15 Pro with 15 cameras

And you thinking that four was overkill.

(Image: Vivo / Reproduction)

(Image: Vivo / Reproduction)

(Image: Vivo / Reproduction)

Google Bad Joke Detector

So, you liked this selection of Canaltech? We hope that some of them got a surprised face when they read it. Feel free to share your experience in the comments field below.

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