Google cancels April 1 joke because of pandemic

Google has informed employees that it will not play any kind of April Fools ‘Day prank – the traditional April 1, or “April Fools’ Day”, in English.

In an internal memo obtained by the website Business Insider, the company confirmed that it will “pause the jokes” because of the pandemic, as there is no climate on the public agenda for games. Despite the fact that several countries are already in advanced stages of vaccination and relaxation of social distancing rules, much of the world still faces quite drastic phases of the covid-19.

In 2020, Google also dropped the joke for the same reason. It is worth remembering that Volkswagen is one of the companies that decided to participate, but ended up dropping the joke too soon and generated confusion in the press.

Success story

It may seem silly to say something like this, but Google (and other technology companies) usually releases very elaborate materials on April 1st. She has been doing some kind of prank since 2000 – which includes fake apps, a windmill system and even historic Easter-eggs, like the Pac-Man phenomenon on Google Maps.


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