Xiaomi Mi MIX Fold: see the foldable smartphone in video and real images

This Tuesday we finally got to know officially the new member of the Mi MIX line. This is the first foldable smartphone from Xiaomi, presented with an initial value equivalent to € 1293 in China.

Any folding device captures the attention of prying eyes, and the Mi MIX Fold is no different. Thanks to the YouTube channel Cymye and real images already published on Weibo, we now see how to carry the equipment in hand.

It is undeniable that the Mi MIX Fold follows the design steps of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Here we have a 6.52 ”inch smartphone when folded, which opens to reveal the generous 8.01” screen.

One of the most interesting details shown during the video, is the potential of this larger screen in PC mode. As with the Samsung DeX, with just a swipe of the finger, the Mi MIX Fold has a computer interface, ideal for working with an additional keyboard and / or mouse.


As you can see in the video and in the images, the folding zone of the smartphone is noticed (as it happens in the competitors). But it seems to be something that we can easily get used to in its time.


The rear camera area of ​​the Mi MIX Fold is reminiscent of previous Xiaomi equipment. We are talking about the Mi 10 Ultra, which was only launched in China in mid-2020.


Like any other foldable smartphone, this will not be a device for all consumers. It is a thicker terminal than a “normal” mobile phone, which makes it difficult to keep it, for example, in your pants pocket. However, it is an interesting product, mainly at the business level. Hopefully Xiaomi will bring you to the Old Continent.

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