Developer announces major changes for the future

Developer announces major changes for the future
Developer announces major changes for the future

More people in the same game and new look for the game!

Fans of Among Us are enjoying new changes in the style of the game. Recently, after months of waiting, a new map was launched, called The Airship. However, anyone who thinks this will be everything is mistaken. Now, we end up discovering new changes coming to the game soon – and that includes a lobby with greater capacity of people in the game.

In a post from blog gives InnerSloth, the developer of the game, we had the announcement of two important changes that will come in the future. First, the lobby will be expanded to support up to 15 players in the same match. This will make the game even more competitive and time-consuming, especially on large maps like The Airship.

The other change announced concerns the art style of the game. According to the post, players can expect a “complete overhaul of the art of game”- we still don’t know what kind of change will be made, but the developer promises“ a more ‘clean’ line and a more simplified animation process ”. There is still no exact forecast for the arrival of these changes.

Among Us became a blockbuster last year due to social isolation.

Among Us it was launched in 2018, but it only achieved global success last year, being discovered as one of the “pandemic games”, for gathering friends who did not see each other due to social isolation. The proposal of the game it’s pretty simple: you play with friends or in a mode online in a crew of up to 10 members, including one or more imposters. These imposters will try to kill the rest of the crew and need to be discovered before there are no survivors left.

Among Us is available for Android, iOS, PC e Nintendo Switch. In addition, a version for Xbox One, Series X e S has also been announced, with a launch date for 2021.

Below, see tips for playing as an imposter and tips for playing as a crew member:

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