Sarah did cosmetic procedures as soon as she came out of reality

Between the departure of Big Brother Brasil, on Tuesday, and the appearance in “Mais Você”, by Ana Maria Braga, on Wednesday morning, the eliminated of the week Sarah Andrade went through a “beauty mission” at dawn, with cosmetic procedures on the face.

Under the responsibility of the professionals at Natalia Beauty Academy, from São Paulo businesswoman Natalia Martins, the slap in the look changed the night. “We went with a team of four people, who started taking care of her at 3 am. We finished at 6:30 am,” said Natalia to all.

According to her, the beauty marathon was combined with her sister’s advice, so that everything could be accomplished in time for Sarah to appear in makeup, with her hair brushed and with some touches to her lips and eyebrows in the schedule that the brothers fulfill as soon as they leave the country. BBB.

“We took the last flight from São Paulo to Rio, we arrived at the hotel she was in and she arrived around 2 am. Then, we started”, she explains.

Sarah’s aesthetic procedures after BBB elimination

Sarah did three cosmetic procedures on her face. The alignment of eyebrow strands to make them look more natural, a method Natalia calls “flowup”, was under her care, who owns the aesthetic clinic and the academy of courses in the area that bears her name, in São Paulo.

Another professional performed revitalization on the sister’s lips, doing a hydration that takes the name “pump lips” and gives a more voluminous effect to the mouth, and applying micropigmentation to the region. The eliminated one was still made up and made a brush with the “dawn” team.

Team made task force to carry out procedures in Sarah

Image: Disclosure

“She commented that the eyebrow was very large, that her lips were dry. I can say that it was a ‘rescue operation'”, jokes the businesswoman.

Natalia explained that possibly other BBBs may have these express treatments as soon as they leave reality. “We are talking to the advisors”. According to the businesswoman, the session of “pump lips” costs R $ 530 and the alignment of the eyebrow wires, R $ 224.

Who is Natalia Martins?

Natália Martins, owner of Natalia Beauty and Academy, which offers eyebrow micropigmentation and other services

Image: Disclosure / Ricardo Matsukawa

Natalia Martins created an empire of beauty, Natalia Beuty and Academy, in which she proposes aesthetic procedures with a more natural result for eyebrows and lips, with micropigmentation and other services. In the beginning of 2021, the entrepreneur gave an interview to Universa talking about its history and about the courses in which the company trains “Natgirls” and “Natboys” to apply the techniques of aesthetic procedures. In 2020, she says, the company had revenues of R $ 20 million.

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