A supermoon helped to unseat the ship in the Suez Canal

Khaled Elfiqi / EPA

Suez Canal in Egypt blocked by cargo ship

NASA revealed that the operation to unseat the ship that was blocked in the Suez Canal, in Egypt, and that was successful this Monday, had the help of a supermoon.

The ship Ever Given, which had been blocking the Suez Canal since last week, was officially detached on Monday afternoon. Now, NASA reveals that the operation had a small help of a supermoon.

According to the American space agency, the so-called “worm moon” Sunday caused a high tide 46 centimeters above normal the next day, which facilitated the process of straightening and unstitching the vessel.

In statements to the television network CNN, meteorologist Judson Jones explained that although there are 12 to 13 full moons a year, only six to eight are associated with a high enough tide to do what was done on Monday (because the moon is closer to Earth during these full moons).

“It is not uncommon for these tides to be 30 centimeters higher than other high tides during the year, when the moon is farthest from Earth,” said Jones, adding: “There is no doubt that these high tides were part of the strategy for to displace such a large ship. ”

According to the American television network, these six to eight full moons are called supermoons, since they look bigger and brighter when we look at them in the sky. The March supermoon was the first of the year and should be the fourth moon brightest of 2021.

The Suez Canal, in Egypt, is one of the busiest maritime passages in the world and, due to the Ever Given stranding, around 400 ships awaited passage on the route that connects the Mediterranean and Red seas.



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