EVGA Precision X1 facilitates access to the Resizable BAR function

Software makes BIOS update process simpler and more accessible

Software EVGA Precision X1, a program that allows the management of EVGA video card resources as frequencies and voltage, now allows EVGA cards from the GeForce RTX 3000 series activate the Resizable BAR function (resizable base address register, in free translation), without the need for a complex process video card BIOS update.

A BIOS update is still required to activate the function, however, the novelty is that this update is more intuitive and accessible to more users, even if laymen or with less in-depth technical knowledge, in addition to explaining the motherboard BIOS update process, ensuring that a larger base of EVGA GeForce RTX 3000 card users can take advantage of the performance gain.

Essentially, this function guarantees the CPU direct access to the entire GPU memory buffer, allowing the production of frames by the video card to be more in line with the CPU demand, eliminating an intermediate step between the request for information and its execution.

Compared to other software that allows frequency and voltage controls, such as Afterburner, o EVGA Precision X1 it has always been one of the most accessible and simple proprietary controller software among those made available on the manufacturers’ websites video cards, although many of the more advanced functions overclock are not available through it precisely for reasons of safety since need a deeper knowledge of the process.

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Adding such software to possibility of updating BIOS and accessing new functions that offer no risk of damage to the plates besides being perfectly plausible it is a safer way for companies to ensure that license plate owners with less knowledge do not accidentally damage your GPUs, democratizing the function.

So far, EVGA was the only one that added the function to your proprietary controller software, but it’s possible to speculate that it will not be the only manufacturer to do this.

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For owners of boards from other manufacturers you can check the step-by-step process here at Adrenaline.

Fonte: TechPowerUp


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