Any Android sends 20x more data than any iPhone

Any Android sends 20x more data than any iPhone
Any Android sends 20x more data than any iPhone

A recent market survey of smartphones based on the two most popular operating systems on the market (Android and iOS) shows that Google “pulls out” a lot more data from its smartphones than Apple.

However, both Apple and Google have already publicly denied the test results, guaranteeing that they only have access to essential information to ensure the proper functioning of the devices.

Any Android sends 20x more data compared to the iPhone

So it’s no secret that Google and Apple they have privileged access to our personal data, and of course, they use it for the most varied purposes, although they always like to say no. In fact, it is precisely because of having access to so much personal information, that Google has the best search engine on the Internet… Very briefly, they know perfectly what we want, when we want it, and of course, how we want it.

Having said all that, did you know that from the moment you turn on your smartphone, it is already sending data to Apple and Google servers? Until the time you insert the SIM card, or open a certain application, it is recorded in the logs.

However, although there are many similarities in collecting information, it is undeniable that Google collects MUCH more information about its users. After all, it can be 20x higher, which is just incredible.

To get a sense, both Android and iOS share data with the parent company’s servers every 4.5 minutes. This happens even if the user chooses not to share his data.

Meanwhile, devices in the ‘default’ privacy settings share IMEI, SIM data, mobile phone number, serial number, location, cookies, IP, Wi-Fi and ad data. If the user does not log in, Android devices will no longer share location, IP, and Wi-Fi. IPhone will never share the MAC address of Wi-Fi.

In short, Apple collects 5.8GB of data every 12 hours, while Google collects 1.3 TB of data in the same amount of time. (North American market data). So now that you know how much information is stored, don’t you feel like running out of free Google Photos storage? Yeah … There are priorities for Google.

Furthermore, what do you think about all of this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.


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