SpaceX capsule will have an extra window for viewing space – News

SpaceX capsule will have an extra window for viewing space – News
SpaceX capsule will have an extra window for viewing space – News

The billionaire Elon Musk’s aerospace company SpaceX installed a dome on the Crew Dragon capsule, with the aim of providing occupants with a panoramic view of space. The structure only holds one person at a time, which will force the crew to take turns.

The project is part of the first tourist mission in history, named Inspiration4, which will be launched on September 15th this year. In an unprecedented experiment, four civilians will fly aboard the Crew Dragon Relience rocket and will stay for three days in the lowest orbit on Earth, at an altitude of 540km.

Those chosen to participate in the experiment were Christopher Sembroski, a former member of the Everett Air Force; Hayley Arxenaux, assistant physician at St. Jude; Jared Isaacman, head of the payments company Shift4 Payments; and Sian Proctor, a professor at the community college in Tempe, Arizona, USA.

The mission is dedicated to charity and aims, above all, to raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, in Tennesee, in the United States. Isaacman, who will serve as commander of the spacecraft, did not say how much he is investing in this mission, but has already donated an amount of US $ 100 million (R $ 566,511,254) to the hospital, which specializes in cancer treatments. In addition to the crew, another 72,000 applicants for the mission selection also contributed financially to the cause.

NASA, the US space agency, which certified Crew Dragon for astronaut flights last year, told The Verge that it does not plan to use the dome version of Crew Dragon for space agency astronaut missions and that the installation of the window does not require company security approval.

“Nasa currently has no plans to fly a modified version of the Crew Dragon,” said agency spokesman Josh Finch. “As a fully commercial launch, we don’t need to approve the SpaceX project for the company’s private missions. We will continue to maintain a view of SpaceX systems through our normal work, including sharing SpaceX flight data from non-owned missions. years old.”

During a press conference held on Tuesday (30), the director of the mission, Benji Reed, affirmed, in turn, that SpaceX did “all the engineering work, continues to go through all the analyzes, tests and qualification to ensure that everything is safe and does not prevent any use of this spacecraft for other missions. ”

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