“I want to go hand in hand” and other pandemic wishes, according to Tinder – 01/04/2021

“I want to go hand in hand” and other pandemic wishes, according to Tinder – 01/04/2021
“I want to go hand in hand” and other pandemic wishes, according to Tinder – 01/04/2021

Based on a survey conducted with 5,000 users in the United States, Tinder listed the main behavioral changes among singles from January 2020 to February 2021 and established eight trends in the world of flirting that, according to the company, promise to last for the entire decade.

Like other flirting apps, Tinder has seen an increase in the number of users since the pandemic began, an effect caused by circulation restrictions. According to the company, 60% of members use the platform because they “feel lonely” and want to meet new people. Conversations have also become 32% longer. Based on this and other data, see the trends identified by the company for the coming years:

1. Honesty and authenticity

1,60m of pure depression and anxiety. Shall we enjoy and pet a cat? “: The phrase used in the description of an anonymous user exemplifies how much people are talking about mental health in their profiles. The use of the words” anxiety “and the verb” normalize “in the biography – description text of users that accompanies the profile photo – increased during the pandemic.The company associates the growth to the fact that singles are losing their fear of being vulnerable.

2. Clearer boundaries

Once again, the biography was used as a parameter to outline a common behavior among users: to make it clear what they expect from each other. The use of the phrase “wear a mask”, for example, increased 100 times during the pandemic. And the term “consent” has increased by 11%. Because of this, the company understands that the members of the app will go more and more straight to the point.

3. Less expectations

“Let’s see where this goes” has become a frequent phrase in the descriptions – its use has gone up 19% in one year. Due to the uncertainties caused by the pandemic, the company found that users started using the platform without looking for a specific type of relationship. It is the famous “let it happen naturally”. An example of a phrase used to justify the trend was: “Mainly looking for friends, but if we fall in love, that’s fine”.

4. Virtual meetings

According to the survey, many users initiate a written conversation, via chat, in the application itself and then migrate to other platforms, such as Zoom, for a dinner or a distance meeting. Tinder’s bet is that this resource will become frequent, even after the pandemic, since face-to-face meetings require more effort. It is worth remembering that, last year, the company made available in Brazil the ability to make video calls without having to leave the app.

5. More creative face-to-face meetings

With the popularization of video calls, the company identified that the first face-to-face meetings also underwent changes: instead of being held in bars and restaurants, with a focus on talking and getting to know each other better, new activities were incorporated. As an example, the company recorded that mentions of the act of making a trail increased three times in the biography of its users – which it interprets as a trend: if before the focus was only on breaking the ice, now the goal is also to take the time to have fun.

6. Valued affection

Experts disagree about sexual behavior in the post-pandemic world: while some bet that singles will seek a variety of partners due to the prolonged restriction time, others disagree with this idea. Although Tinder does not have an answer to the question, it has clues as to what is to come. Small gestures that refer to touch, such as hugging and cuddling, are being increasingly valued in profiles. Mentions of “holding hands”, for example, grew by 23% among users.

7. Long distance relationships will be avoided

According to the survey, although many companies and employees have realized that they can carry out their professional activities remotely, the same is not true for love: the tendency in relationships is to seek someone who is physically close. Part of this is due to the difficulty of traveling and getting around. As an example of how much people are looking for proximity, Tinder points out that mentions of the words “change” or “I moved” increased by 28% last year. In other words: new place, new people.

8. Make up for lost time

Among young people, it is common to feel that they are missing an important time in their love lives due to a totally forced pause. Because of this, there are even those who have already received the immunization in their profile. For Tinder, the mention of vaccination in the descriptions is proof that, as soon as possible, singles intend to resume face-to-face meetings with everything.

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