Meet Remix, a new Instagram Reels tool

Instagram comes up with several new features frequently and one of the tool’s last bets was on a direct competition model with TikTok. Reels was launched last year and, like the competing social network, aims to publish quick videos, with dances and voiceovers that end up going viral.

The Instagram tool has many features similar to TikTok, but it makes evident the feud between the two. So much so that content recycling, when a user reuses videos from the other social network, does not please Instagram, which has already warned the creators of the platform that the network’s algorithm will no longer promote videos that are republish material from the competitor.


To avoid this reuse, Reels is added with new tools. The most recent is the Video Remix, which allows you to record a video together. That is, the user can react, respond to friends, or make a new version of some trend while the original video is shown on the side.

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Understand how Instagram Reels Remix will work:

1 – Choose the Reels you want to remix;

2 – Click on the three dots icon;

3 – Select the option “Remix this Reels”;

4 – The screen will be divided in two, half for you to create your content and half showing the video you have chosen.

Instagram launches new feature for Reels. Image: Disclosure / Instagram

Ready! Now you know and know how to use the Instagram Reels Remix and you can have fun any way you want with the new functionality, which in the competitor TikTok has been around for some time and has been called “Duet”.

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