Cortana: today is goodbye to the well-known Microsoft assistant!

I can’t say how successful Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana, is. This is because I honestly do not know anyone who uses it and I have also rarely tried it. However, it remains firm and straight on Windows 10. However, it seems that on other platforms it is not quite like that. Is that most people on mobile devices prefer Google Assistant, Siri and even Alexa from Amazon. I remember that Cortana was first introduced in Windows Phones. Only then did it come to Android and iOS. In addition, it was included in the Microsoft Launcher but was later removed.

Cortana: today is goodbye to the well-known Microsoft assistant!

Perhaps due to the strong competition it had at the time of launch, Cortana for Android and iOS never managed to convince users. In any case, it still managed one million installations on the Play Store. Just to compare Alexa, which is in third place, it reached 50 million.

Assistant Cortana

For all of this, Microsoft will stop supporting Cortana on mobile devices starting today. It was announced in July.

Note that if for some reason you still use it and created reminders and lists, Microsoft says that it will be able to access that content through Windows.

Despite the end on mobile devices, Cortana will continue to be strong on Windows. In fact, you will even receive new features. In addition, it gets even better thanks to updates that arrive via the Microsoft Store.

For example, in preview versions, Microsoft is already testing a new feature that allows users to take advantage of Cortana to search for files by part of the name, author and file type.

Assistant Cortana

Assistant Cortana

In other words, it is just a goodbye to mobile platforms, but the rest will continue as the website BleepingComputer says.

It remains for us now to wait for the new Windows that arrives in the second half of this year to get to know all the new features of this wizard.

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