Google collects information about your Android every 5 minutes!

A new study by Douglas Leith, from Trinity College in Ireland, it revealed frightening data on the amount of information constantly sent by all Android smartphones to Google. In this study, a comparison was made between Android and iOS, where the results were also impressive.

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According to Leith, even when information sharing settings are minimal, both Android and iOS smartphones sent information to Google and Apple every 5 minutes. These numbers were checked when the devices were on standby. Most likely, the frequency grows exponentially when these are used.

The researcher stressed that among the various information sent to companies, there are private information about smartphones, such as:

  • IMEI
  • Device serial number
  • SIM card serial number

This information is sent, even if the user has refused to share it.

The amount of information collected by Google from each Android smartphone is just ridiculous

During the startup of each Android smartphone, information is sent to Google in a package that averages 3.6MB. Douglas Leith decided to scale this data for all Android smartphones active in the United States, revealing that every 12 hours Google collects about 1.3TB from its users.

Google has already tried to discredit this study, claiming that the figures presented have a brutal margin of error. In addition, the company also states that the aforementioned communications are essential to ensure that the operating system “works as planned, and that the smartphone is safe and running efficiently“.

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via: TechRadar

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