Google and Fiat created driver-connected car

Google and Fiat created driver-connected car
Google and Fiat created driver-connected car
The big technological brands, like Google, have long been betting on the automotive market. Its bets focus on the creation of autonomous cars and new technologies to make them more efficient or more focused on the occupants.

The research giant has a strong presence in this area and now has a new bet. Google allied with Fiat and created a unique integration, based on the Google Assistant and the Fiat 500. Thus, the Fiat 500 Hey Google was born.


The association of technological brands and car manufacturers is not new. Normally, they have only one union associated with the name and brands, not incorporating technology. It is just an association and without any obvious advantage for the driver.

Google and Fiat did not want to follow this path and innovated. With the Fiat 500 Hey Google there is a union with the Google Assistant, and the user can give his commands locally, in this car. The presence of a large screen helps.

But there is an increase and improvements here compared to what is normal. The integration is complete and the driver can give commands to his car even when he is away from it. So you can have the doors locked or the lights turned on. Just a command for the smartphone with the normal Ok Google.

In addition, they can consult a set of information about the Fiat 500 and its use. Knowing the fuel level or the kilometers traveled is at a distance from a remote and anywhere. Of course, these commands are more extensive and cover many more areas.

Based on the Fiat 500, 500X, and 500L, this Hey Google model is focused on Europe, reaching a limited number of countries. In addition to these technological measures, there is also a unique customization with Google logos on the outside and other graphic elements on the inside.

This seems to be a very interesting proposal, at least from a technological point of view. After integrating the Assistant with IoT elements, it now focuses on the same level of union with the cars and the data that they can give to the user.


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