The Airship: New map of Among Us is finally available in update!

Update brings more content and changes to the code of conduct

Today (31) finally released the Among Us update that adds a new map called The Airship to the game. The update also brings several gameplay news, new tasks that need to be carried out by the crew, new cosmetic items and changes in ccode of conduct.

The new map, in addition to bringing several new features, is the highest found in the game, as well as it was probably the one that most demanded development work thanks to the delay of its official launch.

Today’s update brings a good deal of additional content to the game, with new free hats, new tasks (or tasks) require more challenges from players, as well as new interactions on the map, such as implementation of the use of stairs.

Image: Reproduction / ge

Below is a list shared by the developer that summarizes the news of the new update:

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  • Adds the 4th map, the biggest one so far;
  • The new tasks include jewelry polishing e empty the trash, among others;
  • You can choose the room on the map where the game will start;
  • Completely new areas to explore (or be murdered);
  • Mobility in stairs and platforms improved furniture;
  • New free hats, including one heart pin, angry eyebrows, unicorn head, rubber glove, among others.

There is also a new skin pack from the update that can now be purchased for R $ 4.49 on Steam, see below the clothes included in the bundle:

New Airship Skin Bundle (Image: Innersloth / Disclosure)

However, one of the major changes highlighted by the developer is the update of its code of conduct, to ensure that the community around the game can stay healthy, as far as possible. Innersloth even said that it still plans to make more changes to the game in the future, such as the ability to add friends and share cosmetic items between devices.

If you want to know more details about the Airship Update, just click on this link that will take you to an Innersloth page with all the update information.

Via: PC Gamer Fonte: Innersloth


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