Facebook restricts the public that can comment on publications – 03/31/2021 – Market

Facebook announced on Wednesday (31) that users of the social network will be able to control who comments on their publications marked as public, those accessible to anyone. The measure also applies to any politician, authority or public figure.

Each person on the social network will be able to control the public able to comment on a particular post. In a statement on the official blog, Facebook said that brands could also limit the audience so that the conversations are more secure or “meaningful”.

The measure aims to give more control to users, who would, at first, have experiences more linked to their interests. For Facebook, this type of control limits “potentially unwanted interactions”. Unofficially, it motivates the users themselves to help contain hate messages on the network, one of the main problems linked to Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

The tool is similar to the one introduced on Twitter recently, which limits the audience of interaction in a publication.

In an attempt to make conversations and interactions more restricted, the social network has also launched a “favorites” tool, in which the user can prioritize the publications of friends and pages of interest in their news feed. You can select up to 30 contacts and pages as favorites, so that they appear in a top position or in a separate filter.

It has also become possible to switch between the news feed classified by algorithms, in which Facebook offers content based on interactions, tastes and location, or by chronology, with more recent messages in the upper area of ​​the feed.

Social network users need to adjust these changes in the “news feed preferences” areas and in the privacy settings of the app. The filter bar will be launched globally on the Facebook Android app and will arrive on iOS in the coming weeks.

This Wednesday’s move follows a decision by an Australian court in 2019, which blamed a number of media outlets for defamatory comments made by readers on their public pages on the social network.

According to the decision, it is the responsibility of the media companies to pre-moderate these messages in order to avoid defamation or other crimes. The companies tried to reverse the decision in 2020, but failed.

The only way to stop a possible comment is from pre-filtering words made by the page administrator, who can choose that a certain term does not appear in the comment of his publications.

According to The Guardian, Australian media companies have been instructed to devote significant resources to moderating third party content in their publications.

Last month, the country’s parliament passed an unprecedented law that obliges tech giants to pay for news content. The adopted regulation was proposed in order to combat the dominance of Google and Facebook in the country, and forced the two companies to negotiate with content providers.

Facebook even temporarily blocked all news sharing on its network in Australia.

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