Google stepped back and brings back to Maps what users asked for the most

Over time, Google reshapes and reinvents the Maps interface. Always attentive to what users use most, it ends up removing what they think is superfluous and not used by everyone who uses this map service.

Of course, it often ends up removing what users don’t want, creating some complaints. One of these examples came up recently and Google was forced to step back and bring back a feature that was removed and was in high demand.


Google doesn't always get decisions right

Everyone recognizes that Google has changed the Maps interface for the better. Try to put as much information and functionality as possible that users can use in a very limited space. These have to be useful to earn your space here.

Over the years we have seen many features appear and disappear, always depending on the use they have and the interest they generate in users. Google monitors all of that usage and always knows which ones are used the most.

The compass is back on Maps

But Google itself sometimes seems to make mistakes, which it eventually admits and corrects. The most recent has now been corrected and a feature has returned to Maps. We speak of the (re) known compass that we have always become accustomed to seeing on this map service.

After it was removed in 2019, users complained to Google to bring it back. Its usefulness is indisputable and as such everyone understood that it should be present in Google Maps, to be used.

The feature most requested by users

Now, and 2 years later, Google has corrected its action and brought the compass back to Maps. Whenever navigation is being used, they will remember this element again, which helps to understand the orientation of the map or the path being taken.

To have this new feature, Google Maps users must have the latest version installed (). In this one, when starting the navigation, they will have this information immediately, as it happened a few years ago.


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