PS5 exclusive, survival horror Abandoned is announced for 2021

A Blue Box Game Studios announced this Wednesday (07) Abandoned, an open-world survival horror shooter exclusive to PlayStation 5 which will be launched in the last quarter of 2021.

Abandoned is described as “a cinematic survival horror, first-person shooter, based on a highly detailed open world that favors a realistic approach to survival ”. Even in the early stages of development, the game will get a gameplay video “soon”.

Survival will put you in the shoes of Jason Longfield, who wakes up without knowing how he arrived in a dark forest. The protagonist then discovers that he has been kidnapped and taken there by “Dark purposes” and you will need to survive and escape – not necessarily in that order.

The developer promises a unique experience, in which every event and action made by Jake has a clear consequence: if you are short of breath, your aim will get worse, for example. Beyond a rhythm “Realistically slow” when firing firearms.

And the power of Sony’s new console will be essential to the game’s complete immersion. Abandoned will have support for haptic feedback and adaptive triggers from DualSense, 3D audio, 4K resolution with graphics “As close to reality as possible” and fluid animations at 60 fps – not to mention, of course, the shortest load times.


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