Twitch to ban users for misconduct off the platform

Twitch to ban users for misconduct off the platform
Twitch to ban users for misconduct off the platform
Twitch is a popular streaming platform launched in 2011 and which has already won users across the world. It is mostly popular with the gaming community, but it is also frequented by people with a variety of other interests.

However, Twitch recently announced that it will ban users who exhibit inappropriate behavior outside the platform.


Twitch will ban users who misbehave off the platform

Twitch announced on Wednesday (7) that it will start applying consequences to users who show inappropriate behavior outside their platform. That is, the service will then analyze and take into account the conduct of users on other social networks whenever complaints are made.

However, the user will only be banned if the problems have started on the site and continue in other services or if they represent a risk to the community.

The streaming service explained to users that there are two examples of inappropriate behavior outside the platform and that may result in punishments on the site.

One of them is when someone practices harassment in the chat of a livestream on Twitch and maintains the same conduct in other social networks. If these publications are included in the complaints, they will be analyzed and will have a weight when deciding the punishment of the user.

Another situation happens when the user's behavior on other social networks jeopardizes the security of the Twitch community. For example, if someone publishes on another platform the intention to threaten an event on Twitch, that publication may be reported to the platform.

Under Twitch's Out of Service Conduct Policy, serious crimes can result in more severe consequences. These punishments can thus be the banishment of the person. See below the list of the infractions considered as the most serious:

  • Deadly violence and violent extremism
  • Terrorist activities or recruitment
  • Explicit or viable threats of mass violence
  • Leadership or participation in known hate groups
  • Practice of non-consensual sexual activities and / or sexual violence or deliberate association with these activities
  • Sexual exploitation of children and distribution of child pornography
  • Actions that may directly and explicitly compromise the physical safety of the Twitch community
  • Explicit or viable threats against Twitch, including the Twitch team

How to report misconduct outside of Twitch

If you want to report the behavior of any Twitch user outside the platform, you should send an email with the reason and add the evidence to [email protected]

Twitch guarantees that the messages are anonymous and confidential. In the most complex cases, the service will turn to a specialized law firm, with which the platform has a partnership.

In addition, the service also requests that bad practices that happen within the platform continue to be reported. If serious crimes are detected, Twitch recommends that a report be made to the police first.

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