LG promises 3 years of Android updates for current smartphones

There is no going back, LG will definitely abandon the smartphone market for good. However, the manufacturer seems to be determined to leave through the “big door”, by promising that its current smartphones will receive between 2 to 3 years of Android updates.

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A full list of smartphones that will be able to enjoy updates over the next few years has not yet been revealed, but the manufacturer has revealed that smartphones premium will receive 3 years of updates.

Among the list of smartphones is the LG Wing, Velve, G-series and V-series. Destined to receive 2 years of updates are smartphones such as the LG Stylus and the K-series devices.

LG will be able to keep its reputation intact by fulfilling this promise

This is a fantastic way to get out of the smartphone market, but keep your reputation intact. However, they must be able to keep their promise, otherwise the effect will be devastating for the brand.

In addition to keeping its current users happy, the manufacturer will also be able to entice potential new users to buy their devices.

Forced to fulfill contracts with partners and mobile operators, LG will continue to manufacture smartphones during the second quarter of this year, and is expected to shut down activities at the end of June.

So, believing that LG will be able to deliver on its latest promise, its smartphones remain an investment that you should consider. Especially if you are looking for a “different smartphone”, the LG Wing remains one of the most interesting models.

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via: CNET

The number of smartphones worldwide grows exponentially with each passing year, and the trend is to continue to increase. Last year, a study published by the BBC reported that more than a billion Android smartphones are at risk of being hacked. So, you should do everything you can so that you don’t have your Android smartphone attacked by hackers.

The main problem is due to the presence of older versions of Android, which no longer receive security updates. But, this does not mean that the latest devices cannot also be the target of attacks.

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