Microsoft Edge just got a new password!

Microsoft is always trying to improve Microsoft Edge. After all, you have good reasons for that. It is that this browser is more and more popular. Honestly, for me, it is one of my favorites right after Chrome. Who knows, in time, it will overtake you. Now, the Edge has just received a novelty specially developed with security in mind. It has already reached some users and should reach everyone in the next few hours. I speak of the possibility of forcing authentication before any password is filled in automatically. But let’s see all the possibilities of this password system in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge just got a new password!

As with many browsers, Microsoft Edge comes with a good password manager. That said, it allows you to automatically save and fill in passwords on different sites. Now in Canary builds, Microsoft is testing an authentication system before passwords are filled out.

Microsoft Edge passwords

When the new function is activated, Edge will no longer fill in passwords saved in the browser. For this to happen, you need user authentication. All thanks to the security features of Windows Hello. Even if your system does not have it, you will be able to continue using this new feature. For that you will have to go to your profile page in the browser and select the password authentication option as mentioned in the Windows Latest website.

Microsoft Edge passwords

Microsoft Edge passwords

With this function, Microsoft wants to prevent unauthorized access to stored passwords.

This is especially useful but only if you don’t have a password manager.

However, remember that although password or pin is supported for authentication, biometric credentials remain the most secure to prevent unauthorized access to this type of data.

In addition to security features, Microsoft is also working on new features such as web widgets that allow you to place a floating search and also a news panel on Windows 10. So we now have to wait for these news to arrive

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