Mass Effect: see the differences between the original games and the Legendary Edition

In addition to updated graphics, the remasters bring several gameplay adjustments

Putting the first three games in the series together in one package, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition promises to be the definitive version of Commander Shepard’s adventures for the current generation of consoles and PC. This week, BioWare detailed some of the changes present in the games at the same time that international vehicles like IGN had the chance to check out a previous version of the developer’s work.

In a video over 11 minutes in length, publications compared how character models, textures, lighting and even the game interface were adapted for the current platforms. In the official blog of the project, those responsible explained that many of the changes made focused on the first Mass Effect, which is quite different in nature from its predecessors.

In addition to having improved character models – and more varied creation options integrated into the three chapters -, the original Mass Effect will also bring a greater balance of difficulty. The title will keep its roots in RPG, with the right to virtual “dice rolls”, but shots should look more accurate and it will be possible to use any weapon with all classes, without penalty – in addition, cooldowns have been significantly reduced.

Old but renovated games

BioWare also promises to bring some surprises even for long-time fans who swear to know every corner of the games. Boss meetings have their balance adjusted, more ammunition will be available at certain points (especially in Mass Effect 2) and some rooms and environments have been tweaked to bring a more engaging game experience that is consistent with the creators’ goals.

Image: Disclosure / BioWare

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Who also won “recalibrations” was Mako, a space exploration vehicle that will gain enhanced controls in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Other significant changes will focus on the way Galaxy at War, from Mass Effect 3: previously dependent on the online mode (removed from remastering), it has been rebalanced to take into account only the actions that the player takes during the story.

While some changes are big, BioWare hopes to maintain the series’ nostalgia and make the launch a celebration of the studio’s 25th anniversary. With versions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series e PC, the title hits stores on May 14 this year – check here the requirements to see if your machine can run it.

Via: IGN Source: BioWare


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