Google Translate app exceeds 1 billion downloads on Google Play

Google is one of the most trusted brands of Internet users. Starting with your search engine and ending with the various applications and services it offers, this is undoubtedly a strong and innovative brand.

And nothing better than analyzing the numbers to determine the success of any service. So, in the case of the Google Translate app for Android, it already has more than 1 billion downloads. In addition, the service supports 108 languages.


Google Translate, or Google Translate, is one of the services most used by Internet users who surf the web. It is a fast and reliable translation system, where the user is able, in a simple way, to translate terms, phrases or excerpts from texts.

In addition to the web platform, Google offers its translator's dedicated app for mobile devices.

Google Translate app for Android has more than 1 billion downloads

According to a recent report, the Google Translate application for the Android operating system already has more than 1 billion downloads on the Play Store.

Although there are many similar ones in the app store and even with other features, the truth is that the Google translator is more than enough for what the vast majority of the population needs. From simple translations, terms, words, concepts, texts, to audio translation, this is a fast and efficient service.

Currently, the app has more than 7 million reviews on Google Play and has a score of 4.5 points. It is lightweight for the smartphone and already offers support for translating 108 languages ​​through online translation. If the user is not connected to the Internet, he / she can still have 59 languages ​​available to translate.

Translate images through the camera

In addition to other features, the user can also rely on the translation through the camera. That is, you can translate texts found in images just by pointing the camera. This feature is available in 94 languages.

You can also translate bilingual conversations into 70 languages ​​and translate handwritten texts into 96 languages.

This is the oldest app of its kind, having been launched in 2010. Every day, the Google Translate application processes over 100 billion words.

If you haven't already installed it, you can then download the app for Android and iOS.

Do you use the Google Translate app?

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