Samsung’s new update policy leaves Galaxy S9 more vulnerable than A52

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Samsung was one of the companies that paid less attention to system updates, but over time it changed its mindset and started to deliver more updates to its smartphones. Proof of this is that the manufacturer has already confirmed that some of its devices should have access to three major system updates, reaching up to four years of security updates.

It has a policy for so-called updates with security packages, dividing the distribution into monthly, quarterly and half-yearly. Now, the company has changed the list of models that will receive updates every month, removing the old Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus line tops, and repositioning them as devices that will have the update on a quarterly basis.

Samsung Galaxy A52 (Image: Press Release / Samsung)

On the other hand, both the Galaxy A52 4G and the Galaxy A52 5G will have access to security updates every month. Interestingly, the Galaxy A72 still appears on the list as a smartphone that will have quarterly updates, but nothing prevents the list from being changed in the future. This new policy makes the Galaxy A52 a safer smartphone than its brother A72, and also the old Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus line tops.

In addition, with confirmation that the company will offer four years of system updates, it made it clear that eligible models will have three years with packages distributed monthly, with the fourth year of updates being released every three months.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (Image: Disclosure / Samsung)

With this change in policy regarding Galxy S9 and S9 Plus, they are getting closer and closer to the end of their official support cycle by the manufacturer. Still, it is worth mentioning that there are exceptions, since until recently the Galaxy S7 and its brother Galaxy S7 Edge still received updates. In any case, the models still need to be updated a few more times before the end of their life.

Source: SamMobile, TuttoAndroid

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