Super Mario Bros. for NES sells for $ 660,000 and beats previous record

Recently a sealed copy of the classic game “Super Mario Bros.” was sold at an auction for $ 660,000. Last year, the same title, also sealed, had set the record for the auction house Heritage Auctions for the most expensive game ever sold.

The 1985 video game cartridge released for the NES console (popularly known as Nintendinho) was sold at a Heritage Auctions auction last Friday. The same game had previously been sold at the beginning of last year for $ 114,000. This figure has now been surpassed by $ 660,000.

Heitage video game expert Valarie McLeckie says:

“Since the production window for this copy and similar ones was so short, finding another copy of this same production performed under similar conditions would be the same as looking for a single drop of water in an ocean.”

Super Mario Bros for NES. Source: Heritage Auctions

According to Heritage Auctions, this was the best known and professionally classified auction copy. The copy was rated 9.6 on the WATA scale, a signature often used to assess the value of comics. For more details on how the assessment is made, visit the official WataGames website here.

About Super Mario Bros.

Originally released in 1985, Super Mario Bros was developed and published by Nintendo. The title was the successor to the 1983 Mario Bros game. The game was the first in the Super Mario series and was released for the NES console (popularly known as Nintendinho).

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