Now RTX Voice officially works on GTX cards too

It seems that the Tensor cores were not so necessary

O RTX Voice can now also be used on video cards GeForce GTX in a completely official way, without having to tamper with the program files or make unauthorized modifications. The change came about through a recent update with no “fanfare”. Any GTX or RTX card with the driver 410.18 gives Nvidia, or later, you can use RTX Voice.

Perhaps the company was not so keen to disclose the news because before RTX Voice was promoted as an exclusive feature of RTX video cards – hence its name, inclusive. Nvidia went so far as to say that the feature would only work on its newer cards because it needed the Tensor core to be used. It seems that this was not completely the case, since “home” modifications managed to release the program on GTX GPUs. Now then Nvidia has officially released the support.

RTX Voice uses the processing power of your video card to improve your microphone’s performance through artificial intelligence. Since its arrival, the app has been highly praised, mainly for its ability to filter out noise.

With the release of RTX Voice on GTX GPUs too, now even very old cards in the series GTX 600 can try to use the feature. It was not disclosed whether any variation in the quality of the microphone improvement is expected depending on the card you use.

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Perhaps the main reason for Nvidia to release RTX Voice on older card models is because the company has turned its attention to RTX Broadcast, its most comprehensive streaming resource program that includes microphone enhancement. Broadcast remains exclusive to RTX cards and is unlikely to change this policy anytime soon, as it also offers features that impact the webcam image.

Ultimately, RTX Voice running on GTX cards may end up serving as an advertisement for the extra possibilities offered by RTX Broadcast. But arousing interest in RTX GPUs has not been the most difficult part for Nvidia, the challenge has been to ensure stocks for those interested.

Fonte: Tom’s Hardware


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