Microsoft terminates Cortana assistant for Android and iOS

Microsoft removed Cortana from iOS and Android stores. The move, taken last week, is the latest chapter in the announcement the company made in July last year, when it confirmed that the application would no longer be a virtual assistant – abandoning competition against Amazon, Alexa and Apple’s Siri – to become a productivity-enhancing resource for corporate customers.

Cortana was launched on smartphones in 2015, when it landed on iOS. At that time, it brought the function of connecting the iPhone to the PC and, shortly afterwards, this also came to Android. Microsoft itself acknowledged, however, that Cortana was unable to compete with other market offerings and, little by little, changed its focus to meet other demands.


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Cortana is now out of iOS and Android: Microsoft has confirmed its removal from smartphone stores. Image: ymgerman / Shutterstock

Cortana no corporate market

If Microsoft’s wish had been fulfilled, Cortana would be the point of integration between several products connected by the Internet of Things (IoT) concept: refrigerators, computers, smartphones, speakers and any product that could connect to a network could be controlled simultaneously.

This all ended when the only speaker with command integration via Cortana – Invoke, from Harman Kardon – had its support finalized after an update made in March this year.

What’s left now is the use of Cortana and its artificial intelligence capabilities in the corporate environment. According to Microsoft, functions such as reminders and calendars will still be available to ordinary users, but only in their web version or within Windows 10.

Source: Microsoft


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