Learn how to enable the new chat that Gmail now offers on Android

Learn how to enable the new chat that Gmail now offers on Android
Learn how to enable the new chat that Gmail now offers on Android
Google has been trying to tidy up your home when it comes to messaging apps. Its proposals have appeared and disappeared over the years, being reconverted and renewed, without reaching a final solution.

After presenting the chat solution for its paid service last year, this novelty now appears for everyone. The Gmail app is receiving a set of new features on its interface, which can be activated on Android.


Chat finally arrives for everyone

It has not been easy for Google to find a successful formula for its communication apps. After several attempts, the software giant seems to have finally found the solution it was looking for.

It had already been made public last year, giving access only to users of its paid suite. With chat and rooms, it will be simpler to communicate and relate to other users. This feature is now available to everyone. Learn how to activate it on Android.

Enable this Gmail novelty

Although still in testing, the new chat feature of Gmail can already be used by everyone with a Gmail account. Just open the app on Android and then scroll down in the app menu to Settings. They must then choose the present Gmail account.

In the Settings you should look for a new option that will be present. This is called Chat (Early Access) and should be disabled. It is with their activation that they have immediate access to the new Gmail chat. You will be asked to confirm this new option.

An excellent news from Google

To finish, they must proceed with the presentation of the new Gmail chat. All steps and icons at the bottom of the app are presented and explained. They must also decide whether or not they want Google Chat notifications.

Explore this novelty from Google and see what the search giant's chat will be like in the future. It is integrated in Gmail and ready to be used on Android, so it is a solution to be taken into account and thus accessible to everyone.


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