NVIDIA RTX 3070 starts to grow little by little on Steam Charts

Gradually, the NVIDIA GPU escapes from the miners and begins to reach the players’ hands

Even though it is difficult to find and with inflated prices around the world, the RTX 3070 gradually starts to appear among the most used cards by Steam players. According to the most recent version of Steam Charts, not only the GPU appears in the Top 20 of the most used products compatible with DirectX 12, but it also shows the highest growth in this segment.

With 1.33% of participation, the board manufactured by NVIDIA grew by 0.18% your participation in the last report. It is still far from having the popularity of GTX 1060 – which appears at the top with a 9.78% share – but it is growing faster than the popular GTX 1650, which increased its presence by 0.16%.

Image: Playback / Steam Charts

The numbers indicate that while the price and availability of the RTX 3070 is not yet close to ideal, some units are reaching players’ hands. However, it may still be a while before it manages to establish itself as one of the options most used by players, much of it thanks to its popularity among cryptocurrency miners.

Among the market options compatible with technologies such as Ray Tracing, only the RTX 2070 Super appears in the Top 10 of Steam Charts, placed in tenth position (2.46% of participation). Although the aforementioned GTX 1060 has lost 0.06% of participation, it is still well ahead of the GTX 1050 Ti, ranked second with 6.83%.

AMD gains space on CPUs

The report also shows that AMD is gradually gaining space among Steam players, approaching a slice of 30% of processors used. The fastest growing segments among Windows users are CPUs with operating frequency between 3,3 GHz e 3,69 GHz (+ 0,27%) e 3.7 GHz or higher (+ 0.15%).

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Image: Disclosure / NVIDIA

However, the news is not so good from the point of view of the company’s GPUs – the RX 6000 line is not even mentioned among the general ranking formed by a selection of 95 video cards. In the field of operating systems, Windows 10 dominates with 92.38% share (0.37% growth), and most players still use 16 GB of RAM (45.12%) and choose to play in the resolution 1080p (67,35%).

Via: TechSpot Fonte: Steam Charts

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