Nintendo Switch receives new firmware update for Version 12.0.0 – Error Correction in Backup of Saved Data – Switch Brasil

Nintendo today released a firmware update for the Nintendo Switch.

Version 12.0.0 of the system brings with it a correction for a serious error in the backup of saved data for a specific problem. In addition, the company also released firmware updates for the controls (Joy-Con, Pro Controller).

Check out the details of this update below:

Data: April 05, 2021
Regions: All

Version: 12.0.0

Size: N/A

Comments: N/A

  • We fixed the problem with the backup feature of saved data, where, in rare cases, the automatic copy of saved data is interrupted if a communication error occurs during the completion of the data saving process.
    • For steps on how to check if the error is occurring or what to do if the error has already occurred, you may find this information useful.

Several problems have been fixed, and usability and stability have been improved.

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