LG is out of the market! So what about the updates?

As you may know, LG decided to leave the smartphone world in 2021 after several years of losing money. (The department officially closes next July).

Probably a good decision, given that in the midst of a semiconductor crisis that many experts say will only end in 2023. The possibilities for a ‘comeback’ could be too rare (and probably expensive) for the South Korean giant.

But this raises a very important question for those who have an LG smartphone in their pocket… So what about the updates? Are we going to have Android 12? Is that the updates were never the forte of LG.

LG is out of the market! So what about the updates?

Therefore, despite the strategic withdrawal, LG says it will continue to offer updates for its Android smartphones. However, if LG was no longer famous for its timely updates … How will it be now that you have zero interest in this market?

Of course, LG says in the press release that it will continue to release security and operating system updates. However, on a page of the Korean website, it is said that the update to Android 12 depends on the performance of each device, and each region.

However, we don’t even have a list of devices yet that will be able to receive the next updates. So, taking into account the company’s history in this regard, if you happen to have an LG smartphone, it is a good idea to start getting used to the version of the operating system you have installed! Most likely you will have to take it with you for a long time.

In fact, honestly, I’m just waiting for updates for the latest top-of-the-range models! Like the curious Wing as well as the V60. And of course, since Android 11 hasn’t even arrived on these devices yet, and it should only arrive at the end of the year… Waiting for Android 12 should be almost like finding an oasis in the desert.

Furthermore, what do you think about all of this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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