Giant Nintendo Switch with 4K screen and 30 kg is developed by youtuber | Video game

Given by Pick to a children’s hospital in the city where the youtuber lives, in Tennessee, USA, the machine works normally, playing games and obeying commands. In addition to the huge buttons, the console has a wireless connection to the Pro Controller, which generates greater usability.

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1 of 1 Giant Switch has no detachable controls and is 650% larger than the original – Photo: Playback / YouTube

Giant switch has no detachable controls and is 650% larger than the original – Photo: Playback / YouTube

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Inside the giant console, there is a real Nintendo Switch to run the games and reproduce the real controls through the integrated buttons (or through the Pro Controller). The 4K resolution screen is used on a TV, while the panels and platform structure are made of plywood. The buttons are printed in 3D and connected to an Arduino micro-controller.

The small Arduino board interprets the origin of each interaction and connects to the electric motors. They, in turn, press the buttons on the original Switch, hidden inside Michael Pick’s creation.

The video published on the channel can be seen below, and shows a summary of the construction process of the giant replica. In it, the youtuber explores in more detail the internal organization of the console and explains the operation of the mechanism that reproduces the controls of the huge buttons for the original Joy-Con, in addition to showing the delivery of the console to the hospital.

Compared to the real Switch, the only limitation of playback 650 times greater is its inability to stand out from the Joy-Cons. Its portability, of course, is also much more limited.

With information from YouTube and Destructoid

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