LG will stop selling smartphones – Observer

LG will stop selling smartphones – Observer
LG will stop selling smartphones – Observer

LG, a South Korean technology company specializing in home appliances, gadgets and smartphones, announced this Monday that it will exit the mobile phone market. “We decided to close the mobile to explore and develop a new future competitiveness ”, says the company in a statement in Portuguese.

It is with sadness that we share this news with our customers who throughout all these years have shown us confidence and supported us. It is necessary to realize that although it was a difficult decision, it was inevitable, in order to keep up with changes in the industry and we can focus on the supply of future technologies ”, says LG.

In response to the Observer, LG states that “LG Portugal employees directly linked to the Mobile business will be internally relocated according to their functions”.

In an international statement, LG said the decision was made this Monday by the company’s board of directors. “LG’s strategic decision to leave the incredibly competitive mobile phone sector will allow the company to focus resources on areas of growth, such as electric vehicle components, connected devices, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence and business solutions, as well as platforms and services ”, says the South Korean.


For now, LG smartphones will continue to be sold. According to the company, this closure will be “Completed by July 31, although inventory for some existing models may still be available after that”. The company also states that “LG Mobile products will be available for a limited period of time, depending on the supply situation of each country ”.

The South Korean brand guarantees that consumers who have purchased a device from marcam will continue to have “End Customer Support”, this “in accordance with the legislation in force to avoid embarrassment for the customer”. In response to the Observer, LG adds: “That is, the warranty period extends for two years from the date of purchase of the equipment”. Furthermore,

We are safeguarding spare parts in order to avoid constraints for the customer. Users will be able to purchase accessories from Mobile (batteries, chargers, power cables, earphones, etc.) through the existing means and channels and during the product’s life span. However, the supply may be limited taking into account the supplier’s stock ”, says LG.

As for software updates used by the operating system of LG smartphones, Android (from Google), the company says: “the update of the operating system to Android 11 [a versão mais recente] is currently in progress for selected models, and the Android 12 operating system update [a próxima versão confirmada] will be implemented based on the same criteria and process ”.

Reports that LG would stop investing in the smartphone market are not new. However, the company had always denied that this was going to happen. Earlier this year, these rumors were advanced by newspapers like The Verge.

Mobile phones: which is better, two screens or a folding screen?

In this market, LG competed with brands like Samsung or Apple. One of the characteristics of LG was to offer products different from the trends in the market. Despite having high-end smartphones with cameras with very high specifications and batteries with great autonomy, the company also sells covers that allow the smartphone to have two screens – having started this sale at a time when folding screens appeared.

LG now joins brands like Nokia or Blackberry, which have stopped selling mobile phones. However, contrary to what happened with these two brands, it is not known whether a third company – in the case of Nokia and Blackberry, HMD and TCL, respectively – will revive the smartphone brand.

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