Elon Musk launches Starlink in Portugal. Know the prices

Our country is one of the few in the world where this guarantee has already been given and not only that, but there are also values ​​for this service.

As the name is still little known, it may be better to explain that the Starlink it is a kind of internet operator whose signal spreads via satellite. It is a very necessary service in hidden places, or just not very appealing from an economic point of view, where the cable or mobile internet insists on not reaching.

It is a possibility that even in Portugal already existed, but which has chronic speed problems.

In recent years, Elon Musk’s aerospace company has been putting many satellites into orbit. Currently, there are more than 1300 those that make up the Starlink constellation. They are placed in a low orbit and that is what allows the company to offer its customers access speeds similar to broadband.

The problem, if any, is the price. Access to this SpaceX service will not be for everyone. The satellite dish alone will cost 500 euros. And then, the subscription, the monthly fee, another 100.

It has been announced, but has not yet been released in Portugal. This will only happen at the end of June, however, interested parties should not waste too much time thinking.

ANACOM’s authorization has already been given to SpaceX warns that there are no connections available to all interested parties, the first to arrive will be the first to be served.


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