Vivo may launch NEX 5 with camera under the screen and water protection in 2021

Vivo intended to launch a camera phone under the screen last year, but ended up postponing the announcement – a decision that proved to be right after ZTE’s Axon 20 5G selfie tests were released. But the Chinese manufacturer has not given up trying to take advantage of the technology, and is expected to present an NEX with it soon.

According to a source, the next generation of the NEX line is expected to be announced in the second half of 2021, and the front part entirely dedicated to the screen, which would have curved sides and a selfie camera under the display. The panel must be produced by LG Display.

The device can be called Vivo NEX 5, and would be the direct successor to the NEX 3S 5G launched in March last year. The phone may also be the first from the manufacturer to bring IP68 certification and from Zeiss, a manufacturer of photographic lenses.

The NEX line has a history of bringing new technologies to Vivo devices, such as the NEX A with its pop up camera, the NEX S, with a fingerprint reader under the screen, and the NEX Dual Screen, which had a secondary screen on the back rear.

Camera under the screen will work?

ZTE Axon 20 was the first to arrive with a camera under the screen (Image: Press Release / ZTE)

Last year, Vivo even scheduled a launch of a camera phone under the screen for the second half, but withdrew due to problems with the technology. From the results presented by the ZTE Axon 20 5G, it is possible to imagine which one would be the main one. Now we have to wait and see if Vivo has managed to compensate for the difference in the amount of light that passes in the small spaces of the screen, and if no other flaws will appear.

In addition to Vivo, ZTE has already developed a successor for the Axon 20 5G, and both Xiaomi and Realme can also launch a camera phone under the screen in 2021. Samsung launched a device with the technology this year, but chose to test it first on notebooks.

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