Microsoft cares about preserving Xbox games! Because? Leak

For Microsoft, it is almost a mission to keep all games on the platform alive. But do you really know the reason for all this effort? Come and find out with us!

Microsoft cares a lot about preserving Xbox games! But why?

A giant advantage of playing on a new generation console from Microsoft is that it is not just a platform for new games, to enter the new generation … It is also possible to go back to the past, and live it in the best possible way!

After all, the Xbox Series S / X consoles bring with them the ability to play almost all the games released for the North American giant’s consoles. Something that is clear, Sony left aside, betting only on backward compatibility with PS4 games, on the new PlayStation 5.

Very briefly, the Microsoft team worked hard on this feature! For what? To preserve the history of video games on the new Xbox consoles.

“When we started working on this feature, I didn’t care much about the work we were having on its development, however, as we went on working, I realized it was much more than just another ‘extra’.” – said Peggy Lo, team leader for Larry Hyrb on his Major Nelson podcast.

That is, on the Xbox Series X, players don’t just have access to original Xbox games, Xbox One and Xbox 360. They have access to improved versions testing even titles. After all, Microsoft recently introduced the Xbox FPS Boost, a new upgrade for some games, which brings to the table the ability to double the FPS rate on the screen. So far this functionality is available in Sniper Elite 4, Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs 2, UFC 4 and New Super Lucky’s Tale. But it should be on its way to many more games in the coming months.

And what does Sony do about it?

Well, it gets a little sad when we make the comparison. After all, Sony has focused very little on backward compatibility since the launch of the PS3 in the distant year of 2006, when it even integrated the base components of the PS2 into the console to bring 100% support.

Yes, it is true that your latest machine is capable of playing most games in the PS4 library. Still, it’s sad when we look at the recent past, and both PS3 and PSP were able to emulate games from all Sony consoles … Something that seems to have lost importance in recent years, especially now that the Japanese giant has decided to close PlayStation Store and PlayStation Network for the old consoles…

Furthermore, what do you think about all of this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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