Google Chrome Canary just got a new thing!

Reopening the groups of tabs that you closed will be much easier. At this point, when we close a group by using the right mouse button on the group header, each tab is listed as a separate entry in the newly closed window. So, if you closed something by accident, there is no way to restore it quickly. That said, it is necessary to go back to open one-by-one and recreate the group. However, soon, Google Chrome will allow you to recreate all of this with just one click and it is even now available in the Canary version.

Google Chrome Canary just got a new thing!

This was discovered by the Reddit u / Leopeva64 user in the latest version of Chrome Canary. Closed tab groups now appear differently.

Google Chrome Canary

So when you close a group, it will appear as a single item, instead of the tabs appear individually. Thus, to restore it just a click or use the key combination Ctrl + Shift + T.

In practice it will be possible to restore a group of tabs in the same way that we restored a window that we had closed.

The tab grouping function was talked about last year. As the name reveals, it allows Chrome users to keep everything more neat and tidy instead of having thousands of tabs occupying the entire bar.

This new feature is available in the new version of Chrome Canary for Deskop. It works immediately without having to activate any flag. So if you are interested in trying this novelty just download the new version here.

Google Chrome Canary

Google Chrome Canary

In addition, know that Google started testing a change in Chrome earlier this year to improve page load times on encrypted sites. Thus changed the Omnibox, the bar where they write the address of the website they want to visit, and made it load the encrypted versions by default. Everything without even going to the unencrypted version. However, now Google has announced that this new feature will reach Chrome 90, both for PC and Android.

I remember that Chrome 90 was launched on the beta channel earlier this month and arrived with something new in addition to what we mentioned. Enhancements to the AV1 encoder to improve video conferencing. In addition to this, we now have this definitive shift from HTTP to HTTPS. As I mentioned, this can improve speed but also guarantee a lot more privacy.

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