FBI investigates Counter-Strike corruption case

As with all online games, the Counter-Strike is plagued by cheaters, and now it looks like it has taken a step forward, as the FBI is now investigating a case of in-game corruption. According to the commissioner responsible for the integrity of e-sports in the United States, many American players regularly handle several games. This case follows the scandal of Australian professionals betting on their own games.

Although its development on the international stage is relatively recent, e-sport suffers from the same problems as the more traditional modalities. Corruption, manipulation, cheating … Many cases are beginning to reach the public. The concern is even greater when it comes to the professional sphere, since we are talking about a very different magnitude. In the United States, the problem is so great that the FBI has become responsible for investigating the matter.

The information comes from Ian Smith, a member of the E-sport Integrity Commission (ESIC). In an interview published on slash32’s YouTube channel, the latter reveals that the Bureau is interested in a “relatively small but significant group of players who have long staged match-fixing in North America”. In the United States, the law on sports betting is different in each region. Some structures took advantage of this legal inaccuracy to offer large sums of money to players of little virtue.

Corruption hits Counter-Strike

“This is what I would describe as a classic case of result manipulation,” says Ian Smith. Players are bribed by external unions to solve games, they do not do it on their own, out of simple opportunism. It’s been a long time and it’s much more organized. To some extent, we worked with the authorities and the FBI, which recently set up a specialized unit for e-sports. They are good, but have no experience, as sports betting has never been very popular in the United States.

The Commissioner stressed that betting on e-sports has recently arrived in the United States and legislation is struggling to keep up with this sudden craze. The various states have not yet coordinated on the subject, which leaves the field open for these “unions” until a law is enacted. Meanwhile, in other parts of the world, steps are already being taken to contain this growing problem
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