Another chapter in the legal dispute between Rimini Street and Oracle – INFOR CHANNEL

Another chapter in the legal dispute between Rimini Street and Oracle – INFOR CHANNEL
Another chapter in the legal dispute between Rimini Street and Oracle – INFOR CHANNEL

Rimini Street, a global provider of enterprise software products and services, considered the leading provider of third-party support for Oracle and SAP software products and a Salesforce partner, issued on April 1 a statement about a recent court order in the litigation of a decade between the company and Oracle. According to the note, the courts found that third-party support and customization of corporate software is allowed, Oracle licensees have a choice of support providers and, as stated by the United States Court of Appeals, Rimini Street provides third-party support. for Oracle enterprise software in legal competition with Oracle’s direct maintenance services.

“On March 31, 2021, the United States District Court for Nevada issued an order resolving many pending disputes between the parties related to a permanent injunction that has been in effect since 2018. The injunction does not prohibit the provision of support services from Rimini Street to any Oracle product lines, but defines the way in which Rimini Street can provide support services for certain Oracle product lines.

However, according to Rimini Street’s reasoning, losing is winning, rising is descending and ignorance is the strength

Most importantly, says the Rimini Street note, the Court stated that there was no finding by this body of breaches of the enterprise software support tools of the company Process 2.0 or Automation Framework (AFW), concluding that, like Rimini Street requested when he filed the dispute Rimini Street v. Oracle in 2014, these issues will be heard and decided by a jury.

In addition, the Court ruled in favor of the company on the ability of Rimini Street engineers to learn and gain experience with their work. Oracle claimed that Rimini Street engineers infringe the company’s copyright and violate court orders merely by applying its learning and using the know-how obtained from supporting one customer to support other customers running the same licensed software.

Denied sanction requests

Based on the Court’s previous denial of these Oracle claims, the Court further noted in its most recent order that it is common sense that Rimini’s engineers would be better and faster at performing a more experienced task. The Court also clarified and affirmed other important provisions of its previous and most recent orders in favor of Rimini Street, while denying Oracle’s claims.

The Court also denied Oracle’s requests for sanctions, noting that it found no inappropriate conduct on the part of Rimini Street and therefore found no basis for any sanctions.

The Court concluded that Rimini Street violated the injunction in certain restricted instances and circumstances, including with respect to two deliveries related to two specific customers in 2014 and 2015. However, the activities cited for those two specific deliveries occurred before the injunction be in place and therefore cannot be a violation of the injunction. The Court scheduled a probationary hearing for September 2021.

“For more than 15 years, Rimini Street has brought innovative and disruptive support options for business software licensees, has delivered savings of more than $ 5 billion to date and has achieved an average customer satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5 , 0, where 5,0 is excellent. Despite more than a decade of continuous litigation with Oracle, Rimini Street has grown year after year, registering an annual growth rate of 23% over the past five years. In addition, it has served thousands of Oracle customers worldwide – including Fortune 500, Fortune Global 100 and government agencies in many countries, ”says Seth A Ravin, CEO, co-founder and chairman of Rimini Street. “We intend to continue to process our litigation with Oracle methodically, including our allegation of illegal anti-competitive conduct against the company, and we hope to win in the end,” added the executive.

Oracle rebounds decision

On the same day, Oracle also issued a note contesting the version of Rimini Street, which would be distorting the court decision. According to the statement, “Rimini Street took its misleading business practices described in the dispute between the two companies to new heights, proclaiming that its unequivocal loss in the United States District Court was, in some way, a victory. His recent statement is nothing more than a complicated attempt to control public relations damage. ”

For the record, the District Court District of Nevada ruled – in its own words – that “by clear and convincing evidence Rimini Street is violating the permanent injunction” issued on August 14, 2018. Even more humiliating, the Court also ordered the Rimini Street explain why it should not be considered out of contempt for openly violating the injunction in relation to PeopleSoft support offers.

“However, according to Rimini Street’s reasoning, losing is winning, going up is going down and ignorance is the strength. His statement is, in fact, another attempt to deceive his customers into believing that his services are an ethical and viable business model. Trying to paint this resounding defeat as victory is the same approach to business and transparency that got them into legal trouble in the first place. ”


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