Supported by Xiaomi, InkPalm 5 has Android and 5-inch e-ink screen

The Asian market gained yet another device running Android, named InkPalm 5, only this time the device is an e-ink screen reader, the size of a smartphone. The device has an illuminated display, can change its tonality to help reading and brings that very long autonomy precisely due to the low power consumption for this type of gadget.

InkPalm 5

Photo: disclosure / Moaan / Tecnoblog

Digital book readers are not so loved by the majority of the public, but they deliver the best possible experience for reading in a product that is not a book, handout or any other item with real paper. Always present as products with considerably large size, a Xiaomi partner company called Moaan launched InkPalm 5 to deliver this type of device in smaller dimensions.

It is smaller in the following number: the screen is 5.2 inches – the Kindle Paperwhite is 6 inches. It is smaller than most smartphones launched in recent years, but it is small enough to be comfortable in a bag, backpack or even in your pants pocket.

The main draw of InkPalm 5 is the screen in e-paper format, working in a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels, closing the density at 284 dots per inch. Like other digital book readers, the device is light with its 115 grams, distributed in a 6.9 mm thick body. The glass just above the display promises to deliver greater precision for the touch – accurate, since with a small screen, the interacting buttons are proportionally smaller.

InkPalm 5 runs Android, only outdated

All book reading can be done with five different stores and already installed by default by the manufacturer: Jingdong Reading, Variety Reading, WeChat Reading, Handy Reading and also Amazon with the Kindle app. InkPalm 5 runs Android 8.1 Oreo and allows the installation of other applications, even in an already outdated version of Google’s mobile operating system – it was launched in December 2017, almost four years ago.

Controlling all changes to the system, the device has 1 GB of RAM and 32 GB for internal storage, also released to receive books manually. The battery is 1,400 mAh, a very small amount by smartphone standards, but it should be big enough for a digital book reader with an e-ink screen.

This type of display consumes a small fraction of what is needed for any cell phone and does not need lighting to function. Couple this with a possibly weak processor, as reading books requires almost nothing on the hardware, and the InkPalm 5 can last a long time out of the socket – the manufacturer does not say which chip it uses in the device.

Just by comparison, the simplest Kindle Paperwhite sold by Amazon is also light, uses a 6-inch e-ink screen and displays pixels in density similar to that of InkPalm 5. For this reader, the manufacturer promises six weeks with reading happening every day, for 30 minutes and the five LEDs on the display are on.

When and how much?

the InkPalm 5 is now available for sale in China, with a value of 599 yuan, which gives approximately R $ 520. There is no forecast for launching this device in other markets, such as the Brazilian one.

With information: Gizmochina.

Supported by Xiaomi, InkPalm 5 has Android and 5-inch e-ink screen

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