TIM and Stellantis launch offers for connected car

TIM and Stellantis launch offers for connected car
TIM and Stellantis launch offers for connected car

SÃO PAULO, 5 APR (ANSA) – TIM launched on Monday (5) an unprecedented offer of connectivity for automobiles in partnership with Stellantis. The operator will enable the Adventure Intelligence platform, present in the new Jeep Renegade, the automaker’s first connected vehicle in Brazil, and will offer plans of up to 40GB of internet, expanding its portfolio for the Internet of Things.

According to the telephone company, the car has an eSIM, a virtual chip for accessing native Wi-Fi on board, and consumers will have three offers to choose from. “The offers were developed with the real needs of drivers and passengers in mind, with the technology serving to enhance the experience of using the car and make people’s lives easier. In addition to the on-board internet, we made it possible for Stellantis to deliver relevant entertainment and mobility content that provide greater convenience and security for consumers, with a simple and fast contracting system ”, says TIM CRO, Alberto Griselli, in an official note.

The packages are 5GB, 10GB and 40GB, with prices varying between R $ 30 to R $ 100 monthly, and the internet can be shared by up to eight people inside the vehicle at the same time.

According to TIM, the adhesion can be made in two ways: as soon as the owner of Renegade enables the Wi-Fi of the car and connects to the network through his smartphone, just access the browser and be redirected to the page of hiring; or you can make the contract through the page www.tim.com.br/carroconectado.

In both cases, there will be a 30-day free trial period. After this period, the customer begins to be charged for the chosen offer. (ANSA).

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