How to recover iCloud from a deceased person [Apple ID]

Some social networks allow the family member to request the deactivation of a deceased’s account, Apple does not have a form to request that the user’s credentials and data be deleted, but it does make it possible for the family member to try to regain access to the Apple ID and iCloud deceased person. The process involves a court order. Know what is requested.

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Why have account access instead of deactivating

Unlike social networks, where there is a certain exposure by a profile, accounts on digital platforms like iCloud do not tend to receive as much attention after a person dies.

However, in some cases, it is important to regain access to Apple ID or iCloud, whether to cancel active subscriptions, manage Family Sharing, unlock a device (iPhone, iPad, Mac) used by the person to restore it to factory defaults or get important data that only the person had.

How to recover a deceased person’s access to iCloud

ICloud is linked to an Apple ID and in order to regain access to that account, Apple asks the next of kin of the deceased person to submit a court order declaring him / her as the rightful heir to the family member’s information.

The court order must specify:

  • The name and Apple ID of the deceased person;
  • The name of the closest relative who is requesting access to the deceased person’s account;
  • That the deceased was the user of all accounts associated with the Apple ID;
  • That the applicant is the legal representative, agent or heir of the deceased and his authorization constitutes “legal consent”;
  • That Apple is required by law to assist in accessing the deceased person’s account information.

Once you have this document, the request to recover the deceased person’s iCloud must be made through the Apple ID support channel.

In the case of devices blocked by a code, Apple reminds you that it is not possible to unlock the device without deleting it:

Remember that devices blocked by an access code are protected by encrypting the code. Therefore, unless the closest relative knows the device’s access code, Apple will not be able to remove the lock without deleting the device.

When you have access to the Apple ID of the person who died, you can restore the device and remove the Activation Lock, so that the device can be used again and with another account.

Even though no one expects the worst, Apple recommends that the user include iCloud and Apple ID data and accounts in the estate planning, making the future process easier if he dies. Google, on the other hand, already allows the person to define who are the trusted contacts who will receive a copy of the account data – in this case, exempting the involvement of Justice.

With information: Apple.

How to recover iCloud from a deceased person [Apple ID]

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