Sony and disrespect for PS Vita developers

When Sony announced the Vita, the feeling left was that the PlayStation family was about to see the arrival of a new success. With impressive processing power and almost all the features that a notebook could receive, there was no way it could go wrong, but it did. Much because of the manufacturer itself, the end of its production seemed to have happened too soon, but the lime shovel on that video game will only be played even on August 27, 2021.

PlayStation Vita

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It will be on this day that Sony will deactivate the PlayStation Store on the Vita, thus confirming a rumor that had recently appeared and when the fateful date arrives, we will only have access to games that we previously acquired.

For anyone who still has fun with the laptop and doesn’t have all the titles they would like, this is very bad news, but believe me, in the case of some developers, it was even more devastating.

Yes, as much as it may seem a little risky to create games for a platform that is no longer produced, some studios saw in PlayStation Vita a good market. One of them was Lillymo Games (Twin Breaker, Habroxia, Perils of Baking), who a few weeks ago purchased an additional development kit for the notebook and on learning that he will soon no longer be able to digitally sell his creations, made the only possible decision:

We were not warned about the closure of the Vita store in any way,“stated the studio’s founder, Barry Johnson.”When I heard what was going on through that story published on TheGamer, we contacted Sony for clarification and got no response. We discovered at the same time that the public would have to cancel our version for Vita of our next game.

This could be an isolated case, but there are reports from other professionals who have also not received a statement from Sony about the imminent closure of the store for the PlayStation Vita. This is the case of Miguel Sternberg, from Spooky Squid, who is working on an adaptation of the Russian Subway Dogs. According to him, the hope was that companies would receive a notice from Sony well in advance, something like a year.

What makes his situation a little better, is the fact that the work is well advanced, so he will try to publish the game anyway. However, the announcement ended up making the project that was supposed to be fun into something more stressful than expected and that now only has two ways left: throw all the work away and cancel the version for the laptop, or make it your priority and hope for that nothing unexpected happens.

The race against time by Sternberg – and by anyone who still wants to see his creation coming to Vita – is due to the deadline stipulated by Sony. According to information obtained from the IGN website, any game must be sent for publication by July 12, with its launch occurring by the 20th of the same month. Those who want to go through the company’s quality control program will have until July 6, but there is no guarantee that everyone will be served.

To make matters worse, the area of ​​the PS Store that brings the latest releases to the laptop would not be being updated, which obviously will make it more difficult to make a new game stand out in recent months. However, even titles released some time ago will suffer with this store closing, as is the case with shmup Task Force Kampas. Although it is available on other platforms, its creator estimates that ceasing to be sold for the laptop should cause its sales to drop between 20 and 40%. In addition, he was developing a new title for the PlayStation Vita, but as he will not be able to deliver it on time, he will have to cancel his release of this version.

There are several reports from developers who seem to feel as if they have been betrayed, this being a melancholy outcome for a video game that has been so adored, but at the same time so hated by many people. But if we think about everything Sony did with its last console, we couldn’t expect anything much better than that and now, for those who still have a PlayStation Vita, it remains to take care of the video game with affection and check lists that bring those exclusive games that will disappear after the end of the PS Store or that deserve to be purchased as soon as possible.

Source: Gamespot

PS: is a big farewell promotion from the PS Store asking for too much? It would be great to have the possibility to purchase some games that we want for more affordable prices.

Sony and disrespect for PS Vita developers

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