Tim Cook says Augmented Reality is an asset in Apple’s future

Tim Cook says Augmented Reality is an asset in Apple’s future
Tim Cook says Augmented Reality is an asset in Apple’s future
That Apple has been betting on Augmented Reality (AR) in recent years, we already knew that. However, it was not so explicit that this technology was a cornerstone in the strategy of the Cupertino giant. In an interview given by Tim Cook to the Sway podcast, the Apple CEO spoke about his admiration for Tesla and his leadership in electric vehicles. It also revealed that he “probably” will leave Apple in the next 10 years. Another thing Cook talked about was RA and its role in the future of the company.

This message from Cook is important because he never talks about products that are in development. By pointing this way, something different is about to be born. But the interview reveals other interesting things.


Augmented Reality as an asset of the future of Apple products

In a relaxed interview with very fluid themes, the Apple CEO left some guidelines for his life and, consequently, for the future of Apple. He spoke mainly of a technology, the Augmented Reality, as a basis for a strategy that cuts across several segments, being used in a personal but also professional way, as a tool for the company's own operations.

In terms of AR, the promise is that we are now having a great conversation. Arguably, it could be even better if we could increase our discussion with graphics or other things that came up. I think your audience would benefit from that, too. So, when I think about it in different fields, be it health, education, games, retail, I’m already seeing Augmented Reality taking off in some of those areas.

As we have already mentioned, it is not usual for Tim Cook to approach the development of future products. However, he has mentioned RA quite often in public appearances. So, the interviewer asked about the quote “Glow and Behold”(Shine and contemplate) in the WWDC 2021 invitation, but Tim Cook did not say whether it had any underlying meaning.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Glasses and Headphones

Taking advantage of the AR theme, the CEO was asked about the rumors of headphones with the so-called mixed reality (AR and VR). However, the Apple CEO gave the public relations response, that is, said that he does not talk about future products, but it is important to note that:

I think the promise [RA] it will be even bigger in the future. Therefore, it is an extremely important part of Apple's future.

If RA is Apple’s next bet, here's what we know so far: the headset Apple's mixed reality camera may feature 15 camera modules and "innovative biometrics," according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In his previous report, Kuo said that "Apple will launch a new 'helmet-type' headset with Micro-OLED screens and augmented and virtual reality features in 2022."

In addition to this rumor, possibly an “information leak”, it was also said that “Apple is still working on new AR glasses, but it is unlikely to be introduced before 2025”.

So, taking what was left most interesting in this interview, Tim Cook will still be a good years ahead of Apple. In addition, Augmented Reality will be an asset of the company. Great projects are due to appear soon. If you want to hear the full interview follow the link here.

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