Google Chrome will bring great news to anyone who uses groups of tabs

The management of tabs in Chrome is essential for all those who have the Internet as a tool for work, study or even leisure. For any of the realities, Google has brought to your browser the possibility of creating groups of tabs.

But after closing them, what happens? Well, they disappear … But that will change.


Tab groups in Chrome

Tab groups in Chrome are very useful in helping, on the one hand, to organize tabs by themes, such as reducing the number of open tabs. After a group has been created, clicking on the group will hide all its tabs. One more click and everyone is visible again.

But closing a group, it disappears and if it is by mistake, there goes a set of relevant separators. In this case, there is still the possibility to recover tab by tab, using the “re-open closed tab” feature (Ctrl + Shift + T). But depending on the moment and the number of separators, this option may not be viable.

So soon, with one or two clicks, you will be able to have all the tabs of a group available again.

Tab groups have history

As reported by the XDA Developers website, in the most recent version of Google Chrome Canary, several closed groups appear in the Browser History, in the “Recently closed” section.

That is, when closing a group and clicking “Ctrl + Shift + T” what will open will be the complete group, instead of one separator at a time. In addition, in History, you can choose exactly which group you want to open, if more than one has been closed.

It is not yet known when such a resource will actually be available to everyone. But, for now, you can explore other useful resources for day-to-day use of the browser.

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