Tim Cook confirms iOS 14.5 release later this month

Tim Cook confirms iOS 14.5 release later this month
Tim Cook confirms iOS 14.5 release later this month
IOS 14.5 is the version of Apple’s operating system that has soured its relations with Facebook. It will be Cupertino’s biggest move to increase the privacy of its users and we already know when it will be made available.

The good news was given by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, in an interview with journalist Kara Swisher today. There, the executive revealed that iOS 14.5 will be released to users even before the end of April.

iOS 14.5 brings several new features to the privacy of its users

One of the main implementations of iOS 14.5 is the App Tracking Transparency. In short, this will require all applications and services to be more transparent in relation to the information they collect from users.

More than that, with this implementation, that data can only be collected with the user’s consent. This was perhaps the main reason for friction between Facebook and Apple, with the social network claiming that it would hinder the growth of small businesses that survive on advertising.

The new version of iOS also includes Privacy Tags that expose all the data that an application collects about the user. Through this method, you will know everything that an application collects, just like Apple already provides for all its apps.

This set of measures, as already mentioned, aim to increase the privacy of iOS users. The American company wants to pass the power of decision to the users and this did not fall well in the entities whose main business is the targeted advertising.

Tim Cook discourages installing apps outside the App Store

The Apple CEO took the opportunity to leave his thoughts on installing applications by unofficial means. In Cook’s opinion, this phenomenon will jeopardize the security and privacy of your iPhone.

The urgency of this clarification comes after the conflicts between Apple and Epic Games, which accused the former of stifling the growth of other companies in its ecosystem. This caused many to question Apple’s position on installing apps by alternative means.

Tim Cook now comes to clarify this theme, reinforcing that it will ruin the experience that the iPhone should provide. For him, his equipment is synonymous with security and privacy, so that all applications must be approved by the company before they reach users.

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