Google finally brings chats to everyone

For a long time, it was possible to send text messages, make voice and even video calls directly in Gmail thanks to the integration of Google Hangouts. However, eventually Hangouts “died” and support for conversations within Gmail disappeared as well.

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Last year, they revealed their intention to support Gmail messaging again. In an initial phase, they started by introducing the new functionality only for business users, now starting to reach all users.

Google Gmail Android Chats

The main objective of the company is very clear, trying to make the Gmail application the perfect place to work, making available to users as many tools as possible.

Gmail for Android now has 4 distinct sections

At the moment, the introduction of the “Chat” and “Rooms” tab is still in the experimental stage, but it can be easily activated. For that, you will need to access the settings within Gmail on your Android and select the option “Chat (Early Access)”.

Google Gmail Android Chats tutorial

Google Gmail Android Chats tutorial

When you do, the application will restart, starting to display the 4 sections in the bottom menu, as well as a short tutorial to introduce the new options.

In the “Chats” tab you will be able to start conversations with individual contacts or small private groups. In turn, in “Rooms” you will be able to interact with many more users when creating public group rooms.

It is important to note that this is a feature that is still in the experimental period, and may present several operating bugs.

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via: XDA Developers

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