BlackBerry 5G will hit the market with powerful asset in 2021

BlackBerry 5G will hit the market with powerful asset in 2021
BlackBerry 5G will hit the market with powerful asset in 2021
BlackBerry is back. At least in part and now by the hand of the company OnwardMobility, which obtained the necessary licenses to use your name and branding on possible mobile devices (smartphones) with targets set for 2021.

As we announced last February, the first terminal could be the BlackBerry 5G, with the traditional QWERTY keyboard and a very reinforced crucial component. In fact, the new information suggests an excellent camera!

The BlackBerry 5G may arrive in 2021

The BlackBerry Key2 was the last smartphone released under TCL’s remit.

The date initially scheduled for its presentation was only the first half of 2021. However, according to the publication TechRadar, this schedule can be changed to allow more time for its development and production.

If it is actually presented, it will be an Android smartphone. In fact, since 2015, all BlackBerry smartphones, starting with Priv, use Google’s operating system, then dropping their BlackBerry OS.

On the other hand, BlackBerry has not yet revealed the content of its new partnership with OnwardMobility, we do not know the terms of the understanding between both. Still, the latter has promised new Android smartphones, in the plural.

The existence of just one, or several new smartphones, will also depend on the market and demand for the next model.

5G and good camera are the priorities for the next BlackBerry

Also according to TechRadar, according to its own sources, the next BlackBerry should include cameras of the highest quality available on the market. It will also be more expensive than the latest models sold under TCL.

Indeed, OnwardMobility itself made it known that BlackBerry phones will be aimed at the business public and the general consumer market in the segment premium. In other words, they will be expensive and aimed at the professional sector.

According to Peter Franklin, CEO of OnwardMobility, “More than half of the global population currently owns smartphones, so the market is huge. What has been missing, however, is an ultra-secure and privacy-focused solution. A smartphone that can abide by the needs of business users, government users and conscientious consumers. It’s that gap that we want to fill. ”

“The next BlackBerry will be a global flagship,” points out Franklin.

The new smartphone is, for now, a promise from OnwardMobility

Finally, we emphasize that there is no specific date for the presentation of the product, with only the year 2021 being mentioned. Meanwhile, BlackBerry fans have been waiting for the news since OnwardMobility started to shake up social networks with their promises. .

In 2021 we have a new Android smartphone to be launched with the BlackBerry logo.

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